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It is very easy to adapt Seth Godin’s post Google it! to the learning context because it is an instructor’s primary responsibility to make us care enough to look up the facts for ourselves. Godin argues:

“The only reason people don’t look it up is that they don’t care, not that they’re unable. So, your job is to get them to care enough.””

In the age of Google it is foolish to recite facts, deliver content or try to explain something that is better explained by Youtube. In the information age an instructor is even more important than ever before. Because of their knowledge and experience they can show the learner how to discern what information is valuable, create significant learning environments that facilitate active and engaging learning and show the learner why they should care enough to look the facts up themselves. Inspiring the learner to want to look it up themselves is key equipping them to learn how to learn.

Are you inspiring your learners to care enough to Google it?

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“Those who fear the new are the ones who have mastered the old.”

Simon Sinek’s inspirational quote has me considering why some people are fearful of the new.

I believe that when it comes to creating significant learning environments and enhancing student learning that if we believe we have arrived or have “mastered the old” then we are simply satisfied with mediocracy. We owe it to our learners to always look for the better way…to make learning more engaging, more relevant, more effective. Learning by its very essence is about “the new”… about making meaningful connections. Learning is about perpetual growth, creation, synthesis, and development. One can achieve levels of mastery but one is never finished learning.

Those are satisfied with mastering the old and fear the new are also satisfied with mediocracy and stagnation.