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We do have a choice as to how we will use the Internet. If we choose to be continuously distracted and respond reactively to the prompting of our email or social social media we can then will miss out on meaningful knowledge growth. However if we choose to be proactive and take time to focus on one thing at a time we can make the meaningful connections that are central to our ability to learn.

The Expert

April 9, 2014 — 2 Comments

I generally try to only post videos on Wednesday but every once in a while I come across a video that I must post as soon as I can. This video offers a brilliant and foolproof solution to waking refreshed. I wish someone had shared this with me decades ago.

When you combine the strategy from this video to the 10 points detailed in the following LifeHack post 10 Ways To Have Quality Sleep That You Probably Don’t Know you should be able to get the most of your sleep.


Wonderfully elegant and effective explanation of factorials. I wish my math teacher had explain factorials this way.