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Power of Video

How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds

Is there any better way to show people how to do this?

The following 13 stats point to the power of video content: –

Before you follow my links to my favorite video creation tools (near the bottom of the post) I suggest that you spend a bit of time to make sure that are you using the power of images, video, and words to influence and motivate people rather use the video to just dump more information?

If you are wondering if your video is going to be effective in motivating people to action I suggest that you consider the list of questions that I pose on my post When people need motivation, not information

Enough words – check out the following two videos to make sure that you are targeting the hearts before you target the minds of your audience.

The Power of Words

The Behavioral ScienceGuys

In the post, The Head Won’t Go Where the Heart Hasn’t Been I provide some of the research behind why it is so important to target the heart before you target the mind.

My Video Took Kit
So how do you take advantage of the power of video? The following links point to all the tools that I have found most useful in creating videos.

Dwayne’s DIY Video Creation Toolbox
My Video & Media Tools –

This is only the starting point. I recommend that you search Youtube to find even more ideas.

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Infographic Source:

Research behind the infographic:



Oliver Laurent of British Journal of Photography points to the bold move that could change the entire photography market:

Getty Images has single-handedly redefined the entire photography market with the launch of a new embedding feature that will make more than 35 million images freely available to anyone for non-commercial usage.

Since much of the copyright infringement comes from individual users who are often ignorant of the copyright laws and don’t have a budget to purchase the images, the move to make the images available for free makes sense at least from an enforcement perspective. It also make sense from a copyright perspective because the HTML embed code the user will copy from the Getty site will embed a player on their site that will serve up the image, similar to an embedded YouTube video, that will include the full copyright information and a link back to the image’s dedicated licensing page on the Getty Images website.

The end user gets access to high quality images and the photographer gets credit. In a social networked world getting credit for ones work can pay off as as much or even more than a small royalty fee. I know I will be adding the Getty Images site to my list when in the hunt for great images.

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