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For a learning theorist and Professor there are few things more invigorating than working with a group of highly motivated learners. My long time colleague and friend Dr. Craig Montgomerie often asks me to join his online Athabasca University class MDDE 610: Survey of Current Educational Technology Applications to provide his students the opportunity engage with a professional like myself who has extensive experience in promoting the use of Educational Technology.

In the MDDE webinar for November 3, 2015 titled Leading learning and technological change we focused on the most difficult challenges in any organizational change — dealing with an organization’s culture and implementing strategies that require a cultural shift. Through examining a case study of the ACU Connected Mobile Learning Initiative we explored how addressing the following four key principles increase your chances of success significantly:

  1. Start with Why
  2. Identify and engage key influencers
  3. Install an effective execution strategy
  4. Enlist and empower self-differentiated leaders

We also analyzed how ignoring even one of these principles can contribute to failure and how these principles are currently being used in the BCIT School of Health Sciences Future of Learning initiative.

Webinar slide deck – MDDE 610 Nov 2015.pdf

The following resources were mentioned or briefly discussed in the webinar and can be used to gain a deeper understanding:

The Head Won’t Go Where the Heart Hasn’t Been
This post stresses that:
If you really want to bring about change in people then you need to appeal their hearts and not to their heads. The sharing of more information or engaging in more rational discourse on its own doesn’t appear to help people to make significant change but an appeal to values, attitudes, and feelings first can motivate people toward making changes.

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Includes a short annotation and links the books Start with Why (Simon Sinek), Influencer, Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) and Freidmen’s Failure of Nerve.

Connected The Movie by the ACU Connected Initiative
Link to the ACU Connected mobile movie that started and provided the fundamental Why or vision for Mobile Learning at ACU.

Additional resources on Change and Innovation:



Why MLearning?

October 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

mLearning Infographic

Source: eLearning Infographics

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning
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Infographic by Upside Learning

To those who have been working to promote mobile learning the claim that mlearning is here to stay is no surprise. The fact that we use many different names to describe the use of technology to enhance the learning environment, which exists all the time everywhere, is also no surprise because the pendulum swings in education result in many old ideas becoming new again. This blog post and the hundreds more like it are part of the assurance that we have reach a tipping point with mobile learning. Perhaps the key to why mobile learning is here to stay is that it is a very empowering ideal that places the control of learning back with the individual–where is always should have been.

Another wonderful take away from the post is the citing of the EDUCAUSE definition for mobile learning:

Using portable computing devices (such as laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, and smart phones) with wireless networks enables mobility and mobile learning, allowing teaching and learning to extend to spaces beyond the traditional classroom. Within the classroom, mobile learning gives instructors and learners increased flexibility and new opportunities for interaction. Mobile technologies support learning experiences that are collaborative, accessible, and integrated with the world beyond the classroom (EDUCAUSE Editors, 2012).

The key in this definition is that the learner is once again in control and people outside of the learning theory community are finally recognizing and accepting that learning happens in the world OUTSIDE of the classroom.

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EDUCAUSE Editors. (2012). M-Learning and Mobility. EDUCAUSE. Retrieved February 21, 2012, from