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Because I am an academic most people would expect that my children would have been raised to believe that College or University was the certain route that one HAS to take after leaving high school. The notion of a gap year is acceptable just as long as there are plans to head into the ivory tower to pursue higher education.

As the title of this post indicates my boys aren’t going to College. My older son Levi is 20 so this will be the second year he won’t be attending college. My younger son Caleb is 18 so this would have been his first year in higher education but like his older brother is too isn’t going to College. I think that it is easier on them then it is on me because it is this time of year that find myself questioning my wife’s and my decision to raise our boys to follow their dreams and passions and to take risks rather then to the safe and certain thing like going to College. Both of my boys are pursuing their dreams of Down Hill mountain bike racing and finding some way to get paid to ride their bikes.

Seriously, they want to get paid to ride bikes. This year Levi raced as a Professional also referred as an Elite and Caleb raced as a Junior Elite so both of them are in a position to have careers as Pro riders. Unfortunately, unlike baseball, football, hockey or even road biking where professional athletes can make millions the sport of Down Hill mountain biking is so young and so extreme that only top Pros are making a reasonable living. Up an coming Pro racers like my boys have to find alternative ways to support their dreams until they can land a spot on a factory team and get some sort of an income.

But this is OK because the official racing season just ended this past weekend and both my boys have been brainstorming and exploring ways to raise money to get ready for next season. They are both looking at entrepreneurial ways to raise money—they are both looking at starting their own businesses. They have also started their off season training with intense rigour because they know they need to up their skills and ranking to get one of those few spots on a factory team. They are working harder then ever because there is no certainty in their dreams and their success is directly related to their level of commitment and hard work.

I also think that things will be OK after reading Seth Godin’s post Teaching Certainty where he points to fact that our society has put is faith in the school system that has perpetuated the certain belief that if you follow all the instructions, follow the syllabus, and do well on the test then:

After you repeat these steps obediently for more than ten years, there will be a placement office, where there will certainly be a job ready for you, with fixed hours and a career path.

But the harsh reality we are facing in our world today is that nothing is certain; we are living in a world of constant change. Godin warns:

We’ve trained people to be certain for years, and then launch them into a culture and an economy where relying on certainty does us almost no good at all.
Broken-field running, free range kids, the passionate desire to pick yourself—that seems like a more robust and resilient way to prepare, doesn’t it? Who’s teaching you what to do when the certain thing doesn’t happen?

If Godin is right then perhaps my wife and I have prepared our boys much better for this uncertain world. The odds are against them and many would find their dreams unrealistic but they both have the grit to keep on working and keep on picking themselves up. If Godin is right and uncertainty is the new norm then I can be glad that my boys aren’t going to College—at least not until they choose to use College as tool to help them pursue their dreams.

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I usually find Simon Sinek’s quotes of the day inspiring even if I don’t fully agree with them. For example, today Sinek offers this pearl of wisdom:

If everything goes right, we get a good experience. If everything goes wrong, we get a good story.

From one perspective I agree if everything goes wrong you at least get a good story but if you can manage to stay optimistic and work to turn a problem around or just work through it, the problem becomes an opportunity for growth. When you resolve the problem or just work through it and learn from it, you get the good experience and the good story. I do need to qualify that a good experience isn’t not necessary one that we may enjoy at the time but one that helps us to grow. Let me explain.

A few months back my aged mother had a stroke, fell and broke her hip, had surgery and then had another stroke. Her life has been devastated. She went from being a fully independent senior in her 80’s to being hospitalized and requires constant care. My brother and sister who live in the same city as my mother have had their lives radically changed. What little spare time they have in their busy lives is now spent visiting and caring for my mother in the hospital.

My mother’s condition is still unstable which means she goes from being on death’s door one day to showing signs of improvement the next. This constant turmoil is weighing heavy on my brother and sister. Because I live in another province I don’t experience this first hand but I speak with my siblings on a regular basis and have some insight into what they have been experiencing. I have also been speaking to my mother when she is able and have reconciled myself to the fact that she may not make it out of the hospital.

Fortunately, my mother is a woman of faith and believes that she will be moving onto a better place and the physical distress and turmoil she now faces now will soon end. My siblings and I also hold this belief and recognize that the pain and suffering will end because we all face death. This faith has strengthen my family’s resolve because we recognize that there are life lessons to be learned as we go through this unfortunate stage in my mother’s life. I have had in-depth conversations with my mother and siblings that I would never have had with my family if it wasn’t for this unfortunate situation. We are all facing life and death issues that most of us ignore due our hectic lives.

Right now, this is not an enjoyable or good experience in any way, but we are living and working through it and at some point will be able to look back and draw some good from this difficult time. Even though it really doesn’t feel like it right now I also know that we learning and growing in this season in our mother’s life.

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The wisdom offered in Simon Sinek’s inspirational post of the day:

“A team’s job is to provide their leader more options. The leader’s job is to give their team the resources to do so.”

will only work if your work environment/department/group operates as a team and you have the right leader.

Unfortunately not enough work settings function as teams and not enough leaders recognize that their priority is to power and equip their teams and most work groups aren’t interested in offering their leaders options. You need both components to make have an highly efficient and productive work environment.