TK20 Submissions

What is TK20 – TK20 is the archival tool used by the Lamar University College of Education and Human Development to store key program assessments, projects, and student work samples that are used by the University for program accreditation.

What do you submit: You will be required to submit the same assignments to TK20 that you have submitted to BlackBoard (BB) (please submit to BB first). Please make note of the course, the assignment, and the week that is due from the following list:

  • 5305 Literature Review (Week 3)
  • 5304 Influencer Strategy Part A & B (Week 3)
  • 5313 Learner Engagement Plan and Connecting Your Ideas (Week 5)
  • 5314 Literature Review (Week 4)
  • 5316 Culminating Project (Week 5)
  • 5317 Media Project (Week 4)

How do you submit – Use the following instructions that you should have received directly from the TK20 folks. Check your Lamar email and Junk Email folder if you have received a message from TK20. We are using the EDLD 5305 Literature Review assignment as an example:

Go to –

In this course, you will upload and submit the following assignment:

1. Literature Review (Please select the “All-File” type artifact form)

When you are done working on your course binder you can click on:

  • Save Draft: save your work and return at a later time
  • Submit: submit your course binder for review (you must do this to submit)
  • Cancel without Saving: exit the course binder without saving any changes

Please note there may a series of submission and confirmation screens so make sure that you have clicked on all required buttons. If you don’t, your will not be submitted. The most common problem in submitting to TK20 is not completing all the submission confirmations to please follow through.

DEADLINE FOR COMPLETION – Same deadline that you have for the assignment.

Click here for instructions on completing a course binder –

Contact the Lamar Tk20 helpdesk at or call 409-880-7608 for assistance with using Tk20.