EDLD 5304 Perspectives

How to Succeed in the DLL
If you haven’t already reviewed this page and the related links you owe it to yourself to spend the 30 minutes that it will take to see how to really do well in the DLL.


Knowing Your Why?
The more clear you are on your Why, the more impact you can have with your How and What.

The Why is born out of pain
The Why behind Simon Sinek’s Why.

Why TED talks don’t change your life much
Neal Martin explains why it is so difficult to make changes if you attempt to do so based solely on your conscious or rational mind.

Why Change

How to Change Before You Have To
Deals with the challenging question: How do you deal with people who are reluctant to change?

Want to Change the World – Tell a Good Story
We are drawn to TED talks because we moved by powerful stories about how humanity can change the world


4 Effective Ways to Find and Test Vital Behaviors
4 steps to getting crystal clear about the results you wish to achieve and identifying the vital behaviors that are crucial to your change initiative.

Why great teachers aim for influence not control
When you lead through influence, you multiply your efforts and reproduce your values and principles in the lives of others.

Science Of Persuasion – We Aren’t as Rational As We Think We Are
4 powerful videos that point to research-based ideas that confirm that we are motivated and controlled by intangibles or the affective domain much more than tangibles and the cognitive domain.

The Head Won’t Go Where the Heart Hasn’t Been
If you really want to get people to change then you need to engage the heart before you engage the head.

People who like this stuff…like this stuff
Sometimes we just need to acknowledge that some folks like things the way they.


How to Proactively Limit the Whirlwind
Life is busy and hectic enough so proactively controlling the things you can control is even more important.

The Paradox of Being Proactive
Stop rewarding reactive behavior and really work at being proactive.

Crucial Conversations/Failure of Nerve

How to Listen for Understanding
Listening with the purpose of understanding and developing empathy can change relationships.

Dare to disagree: Good conflict equates progress
Truth won’t set us free until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it.

Culture Trumps Vision
The solution to this problem is to not let the culture get to the point where it is toxic. This requires balance of compassion, character, strength of conviction, communication and sound leadership skills.