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We have written Choice, Ownership, and Voice Through Authentic Learning Opportunities, which we will be referring to as the COVA eBook, to help you to create significant learning environments (CSLE) that will enable you to give your learners choice, ownership, and voice through authentic (COVA) learning opportunities. The COVA eBook is for you and in order to serve you more effectively, we are seeking your input. We need to know what is working, what we need to improve or change, and what we may need to take away or add. Our goal is to take your input and revise the COVA eBook by the summer/fall of 2018 when we plan to release a revised version of the eBook that can help you even more.

I read many books so before I commit to reading a book I like to examine a book’s table of contents, introductory chapters, and some sort of summary of the book. Therefore, to help you decide whether you wish to download the full copy of the COVA eBook we are offering you a PDF that includes the Cover, Table of Contents and first 3 chapters of the book so that you can get a sense of whether or not this book will be useful to you. The first chapter provides a context of how the COVA eBook came about; chapter two provides a context for building on the positive and operational definitions; and the third chapter provides a summary of the remainder of the book and points to the key ideas of how to make CSLE+COVA work for you, which is detailed in the remainder of the book. Download COVA eBook Preview

To download a copy of the full eBook we are simply asking you to provide your name and email address so that we can point you to the location where you can provide your input, to inform you on the progress of the COVA eBook revisions, and to point you to ongoing developments in the COVA approach. We respect your privacy and are excited to have you review our ideas and work so we will not share or sell your name or email address to anyone. You can also unsubscribe from the COVA eBook list at any time.

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