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ED IT Predictions

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Tis the start of the season for predictions. At the recent EDUCAUSE conference in Indianapolis in October a panel of leaders came up with a list of 10 IT issues that will be important to address in 2016. The following is a comparisons of the 2016 list with 2015 as one can see many of the issues are despite having different formal labels are very similar:

2015 Optimizing technology in teaching and learning and 2016 Optimizing educational technology


Top 10 Higher Ed IT Issues Comparison
2015 2016
1. Evolving staffing models 1. Information security
2. Optimizing technology in teaching and learning 2. Optimizing educational technology
3. Funding IT strategically 3. Student success technologies
4. Improving student outcomes 4. IT workforce
5. Demonstrating IT’s value 5. Institutional data management
6. Increasing capacity for change 6. IT funding models
7. Providing user support 7. Business intelligence and analytics
8. Developing security policies for the institution 8. Enterprise application integrations
9. Developing enterprise IT architecture 9. IT organizational development
10. Balancing information security and openness 10. E-learning and online education

Elearning has been a top priority on many lists since the late 1990 so perhaps this year Educational IT will finally get this priority sorted out.

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