what to do with all those books

Peggy Wang from BuzzFeed offers a wonderful visual explanation of what you can do with all those books:

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Source: eLearning Infographics

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion. Simon Sinek

This quote from Sinek is so timely. My oldest son Levi is working hard at becoming a professional Down Hill mountain bike racer and part of his quest is developing a net presence which includes an extensive blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook following and much more. Until he made the connection between having this social profile and getting sponsored and other forms of recognition it was a challenge to get him to add good quality content to his blog on a regular basis.

Now that he sees the connection between his social presence and getting closer to his goal the hard work is no longer stressful for him or me. Last night we spent a solid 90+ minutes working on updating his Racing Resume. What we accomplished in that 90+ minutes of committed passion could have taken days to accomplish without this focused motivation. I don’t even think my son realized how much hard work he put into his site last night. It was just what he needed to get closer to his ultimate goal.

Cultivating you children’s passion goes so far to reduce stress in their lives and yours.