Even though I am an advocate of the standing desk and stand for most of my day I do also sit and know the importance of sitting well.

6 steps to adjusting your office chair

Source: http://www.comfyofficechair.com/how-to-adjust-office-chair/


Source: http://listedtech.com/lms-providers-market-share-implementation-year/

Keep in mind that Blackboard (BB) growth has been through acquisitions. This has proven to be an effective strategy for BB because changing from one LMS to another is one of the most challenging IT task an institution can take on. The chart above points to % of LMS implementation and shows just how quickly Canvas has grown and continues to grow.

The chart below reveals the total market share and provides a better perspective the dominant players in this space. While BB is still the market leader their growth has almost stopped and ask Moodle and Canvas continue to grow it will more than likely be at the expense of BB market share.
Source: http://listedtech.com/lms-providers-market-share-implementation-year/

If I were D2L I would be very concerned about Canvas and Moodle because D2L no longer is a compelling alternative to BB. Having worked with all these LMS at a variety of institutions I am not surprised to see Canvas grow. It really does provide a genuine alternative to the traditional LMSs BB, Moodle and D2L.


Clayton R. Wright has released the 34rd edition of the conference list. The list below covers selected events focused primarily on the use of technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. An online version of the Clayton’s list can be found out

The consider the following from Clayton:

Whether you re-distribute part of the list, or all 93 pages, please include the contact information as that is how I receive updates. If you prefer not to receive future lists, let me know by sending an e-mail to crwr77[@]gmail.com. Also, if there are events that I should track in the future, kindly send me the basic information – date, title, location, and URL (website address).

Do exercise your own due diligence regarding unfamiliar conferences that you may want to attend or submit a paper to. Thus, CHECK the specific conference website not only for basic information (dates and locations may change), but to assure yourself that the conference is legitimate. There has been a rise in fake and predatory academic and scientific journals. (See http://ottawacitizen.com/technology/science/the-editor-is-late-fake-science-journals-hit-new-low, http://www.biomedcentral.com/1741-7015/13/230 and http://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2013/10/30/new-scam-targets-scholars). Similarly, there are a few conference websites that are designed to obtain your paper submission and/or your money, and give you little in return.

There are unscrupulous people in any profession including conference organizers and those who promote alternative lodging for conferences (For example, see http://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Consumers-Risk-Their-Vacations-When-Relying-on-Online-Travel-Reviews). With more than 1,300 conferences listed, some borderline events may have been included in the attached list. Let me know if you find any (as well as provide an explanation as to why a particular conference may be suspicious) so that I can consider leaving them off the list the next time.

Yes, I have updated the list prior to January 2016 and included items in 2017 and 2018. Why? Because some of the events are biennial or triennial, so you might look on the list for them in 2016 and notice they are missing. But, in reality, they will be offered at a later date. So, please don’t eliminate the 2017 and 2018 events when you re-distribute the list as it is almost impossible to predict whether someone is looking for an annual event, or a biennial or triennial one. In addition, people who want to submit a paper to a conference and/or apply for funding to attend an event, need sufficient lead time. So, please inform your colleagues of events occurring after June 2016. As information for a number of June 2016 events was not available in November 2015, I hope I can update these events when I compile the 35th conference list in May.

The rationale for the current format of the list can be found here http://newsletter.alt.ac.uk/2011/08/why-distribute-documents-in-ms-word-or-openoffice-for-an-international-audience/

The full conference list:
Educational Technology & Education Conferences #34, January to June 2016, Clayton R Wright


The Power of Words

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During last summer’s Exponential Youth Camp (XYC) pilot at Singularity University 14 of the world’s brightest teenagers were asked to redesign the future of education. They recommended:

Redesign Education

  1. Make it about ME – Personalization is necessary to compete in today’s intricately specialized world.
  2. Let’s DO things – Across the board, the teens wanted opportunities to demonstrate knowledge through real-world application, not scantrons.
  3. Don’t ditch me in an online course – students simply desired guidance in navigating the material.
  4. Be my coach – Students still want great teachers.
  5. Teach me relevant skills – opportunities to build more practical skills like teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution
  6. Foster a growth mindset – education should make people confident in their ability to learn anything.

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