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Self Driving Cars
Source: Self Driving Cars are Not “Five Years Away”

I have been a exploring change or why it can be so difficult to bring effective change to educational institutions for the past several decades so I when read this post about self driving cars being further off not because of the technology but because of people and policy I was immediately reminded about this reality:

Technology is is the easy part – changing people is hard

What can we do about it? I am still trying to find the definitive answer to this but over the years I have explored the following ideas in pursuit of this answer:

I could go on and on but you will note the the common thread in all these posts is that change starts with us and before we can change anything around out we need to be the ones who are willing to make the biggest change.

Be the change

June 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

Bryan Alexander interviews Educational thought leader Will Richardson who suggests that not much has changed in our classrooms over the decade and he doesn’t see much change on the horizon. Furthermore, Will suggest that learning happens when our students leave the building. This is a criticism of our teachers but an indictment of our educational system.

Summary of the key points of this short clip can viewed at: