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Robinson points out that our education systems are based on three principles which are the opposite of how human life flourishes:

Apart from that, they’re great. The first one is conformity. Our systems are becoming more and more standardized; whereas the great pulse of human life is diversity. We are here in all of our varied differences, we are centers of unique talents and possibilities, each of us in every child. The second is our education systems are based on compliance, more and more. Whereas the energy of human life is creativity and innovation. It’s why in the United States — kids come from college and they cannot innovate anymore. It’s kind of been educated out of them. But the third is this: Human life is organic. We create our lives, our education systems are based on a principal of linearity. I would bet very few of are you of living the life now that you anticipated you would be living when you left school; is that correct? I mean, we submit to a fiction here that there comes a point in your life where you have to write your resume. And we set it all out in some linear narrative, you put headings in, certain things in bold you pick them out to try to make your life look as if it’s all run along some very well-planned strategy here to take you from your childhood to your present position of eminence. But of course it’s not at all like that. You do that because the last thing that you want to do is to convey in your resume the actual chaos that you’ve been living through. T13:33