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WinDays16 – interview with Graham Brown-Martin from Graham Brown-Martin on Vimeo.

During last summer’s Exponential Youth Camp (XYC) pilot at Singularity University 14 of the world’s brightest teenagers were asked to redesign the future of education. They recommended:

Redesign Education

  1. Make it about ME – Personalization is necessary to compete in today’s intricately specialized world.
  2. Let’s DO things – Across the board, the teens wanted opportunities to demonstrate knowledge through real-world application, not scantrons.
  3. Don’t ditch me in an online course – students simply desired guidance in navigating the material.
  4. Be my coach – Students still want great teachers.
  5. Teach me relevant skills – opportunities to build more practical skills like teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution
  6. Foster a growth mindset – education should make people confident in their ability to learn anything.

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