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Horizon Report 2017 infographic

In previous years I added my summary and perspective to help prepare you for reading the report but with the infographic and the video that the folks at NMC have created the works has all be done.
Download and view full report:NMC Horizon Report > 2017 Higher Education Edition

WinDays16 – interview with Graham Brown-Martin from Graham Brown-Martin on Vimeo.

Leaders from 25 Canadian universities, industry and the federal government, the Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure, Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers, Compute Canada, and CANARIE participated in a Universities Canada workshop in Vancouver on November 30 and December 1, 2015 to discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges in leveraging digital technologies for research, university operations, and teaching and learning.

A report titled Canadian Universities and our Digital Future A workshop by Universities Canada which summarized the results of the the workshop was release in May of 2016.

An excerpt from the report suggests that:

“Given these trends and the creative ways in which digital technologies can be used to support universities’ teaching and learning, research enterprise and administration, Canadian universities are presented with a range of opportunities and ways to innovate.

Universities will continue to incorporate digital technologies to attract more students, support their success, engage students in new ways, cater to their learning styles and needs, and better prepare them for their future careers. They will also use digital technologies to support a robust research environment involving online collaboration and access to increasingly large data sets and high-performance computing networks. And they will use technologies to offer a more secure, effective and efficient administrative environment, including improved student services.”

The 12-page report can be downloaded at