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When I first say this list I was surprised that I had only missed a couple of the top 20. There is no denying that TED, Youtube and video in general are changing the way that we think and learn.

#1 – Sir Ken Robinson says that schools are educating us out of our creativity
#2 – Jill Bolte Taylor demonstrates what a stroke does to the brain
#3 – Pranav Mistry uses the SixthSense to reveal a paper laptop
#4 – David Gallo reveals the mystery behind the sea creatures of the deep
#5 – Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry show how the real world and infinite world of data interact
#6 – Tony Robbins says that an ‘invisible force’ is what motivates us
#7 – Simon Sinek discusses how and why great leaders inspire action
#8 – Steve Jobs told Stanford grads how to live life before you die
#9 – Hans Rosling argues why the U.S. is not the most powerful nation in the world
#10 – Brené Brown discusses the power of vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame
#11 – Dan Pink delves into the science behind motivation
#12 – Arthur Benjamin shares the power of understanding mathematics
#13 – Elizabeth Gilbert says everyone is a genius
#14 – Dan Gilbert reveals the science behind happiness
#15 – Stephen Hawking ponders the deepest questions about the universe
#16 – Jeff Han shows why computer mouses will soon become obsolete
#17 – Johnny Lee transforms the Wii remote into fascinating objects
#18 – Keith Barry hacks the most complex thing in nature, the human brain
#19 – Mary Roach reveals the most surprising facts about orgasm
#20 – Vijay Kumar demos robots that fly like birds

Please note the links to the above TED talks to go Youtube. If you wish to view the talk on the TED site and have access to the transcript then refer to the original Business Insider post.

How many of the top 20 TED talks have you watched?