My New Mac!!!

Why I want to leave my pc behind?

I’m getting tired of my current laptop and would like to get a new one. It is a PC and it has a lot of problems that limits its use. I can’t take it any where because the battery only holds its charge for about 15 seconds so I can’t take it and watch movies on planes or on long drives. When I edit videos, pictures and and make/record music, I have to use Levi’s or Dad’s computer because my PC doesn’t have a good video editing program. I would like to keep it for practicing guitar because it has louder speakers and keep up with the volume. Im leaving my PC and joining the real world.

My considerations are The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Pro has:

500 GBs of storage
DVD player and burner
2 USB ports
Audio in and out
Built in microphone
Ether-net port
Fire wire port
SDXC card reader
7 hour battery life

The MacBook Air has:

64 GBs of storage
2 USB ports
Audio out
built in microphone

It’s important to me to have:

a lot of space for movies, music, video etc.
a DVD player and burner
a card reader

I need all of these things because I use them on a regular basis on my PC and Mac’s have better programs. You can probably tell the MacBook Pro is a better computer for me to get. The MacBook Air is nice and skinny, 0.68 of a inch to be precise, but I would rather have one that is a bit bigger and fits better in my laptop bag. That is why my choice is the MacBook Pro. It will be really nice to have a laptop that I can actually be used for its purpose, not just staying in one place plugged into the wall.


Today, Mom and I went to a highschool to see what the courses were like and take a tour and stuff. I ended up staying the whole day. I guess you could call that my first day of school. Ever. It was pretty good. The students and teachers were nice and since I didn’t have to worry about tests, it was fun.


Last night we went to Sun Ridge Ski Hill. It is on the river valley and small, but it is only 12 minutes away. At first I tried snowboarding and that was ok but harder than I expected. I changed to skis after a few minutes and then it got fun. I have skied a bit before so it only took me one run to get the hang of it and then it just got more and more fun, until they closed the hill down. We are planing on going again in a day or two and I can’t wait to get back on the hill.

Jello Night

Last friday we went to our youth group and they had a event called Jello Night. You probably guess what we did that night. We played games with jello! There was a kiddy swimming pool full of it. There was jello everywhere and everyone was covered to toe in it. My hands and feet were orange at the end of the night. They had all kinds of silly games and at the end there was a slip and slide with jello. That’s probably when I got the messiest. After that I had to get changed and cleaned up so I could play drums in the worship band. I had a lot of fun!


Last night dad and I went to the rodeo. We got there right in time for it to begin. I’ve never seen so many cowboy hats in my life, not even in Texas. It was pretty cool. There were bucking bronks, roping, barrel racing, and bull riding. I think barrel racing was my favorite because it was the fastest. Roping was pretty good too and so was bull riding, but the bucking bronks got kinda got old after a while because there were a lot of them. It was loud, exciting and everything I expected a rodeo to be, even the rodeo clown was funny.