Eportfolios can and should be simple to understand and, more importantly, simple to create and maintain. Especially if we keep the academic and scholarly jargon down to a minimum and focus on what we need to know and do to effectively use eportfolios to enhance learning.

The minimalist fundamentals of eportfolios:

Why: Learning to learn.
We believe that eportfolios enable learners to take ownership of, and go much deeper into, their learning.

What: Doing the learning
To do this, learners use their eportfolios to reflect their on what they know, what they are learning or experiencing, what they don’t know and to make meaningful connections.

How: Showing the learning
Eportfolios are a learner’s digital evidence of meaningful connections. See Examples of Eportfolios

Who: Owning the learning
We believe that the eportfolio is a “domain of one own”. The learner must not only choose the platform and tools for the eportfolio but choose what evidence of learning is included and how this evidence and the eportfolio itself is presented. Often an eportfolio isn’t called an eportfolio, but is referred to as one’s site or blog.

Disruption: Disrupting the institution
Effective eportfolios are disruptive because they don’t fit within our standards and summative assessment focused educational culture.

My goal will be to continually refine and simplify these fundamentals to help promote eportfolios and enhance learning.

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  1. I love the Genius video and will be sharing it with my coworkers. Your e-portfolio is a great example for us.

  2. Dwayne Harapnuik March 10, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I am glad you found the video and my eportfolio useful.

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